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Wish List

It takes a lot of different supplies of keep our center running smoothly. If you would like to help the items listed below are needed.

Food Supplies

Fresh, Whole Fish Frozen Venison Steaks
Unsalted Nuts Fresh Fruits and Vegtables


Cleaning Supplies

Paper Towels Garbage Bags
Sandwhich Bags     Hand Soap
Dish Soap Lysol Wipes
Sheets/Towels Sponges


Education Supplies

Printer Paper Stamps
Mounted Wildlife     Batteries(All sizes)
Digital Camera 2 Small Filling Cabinets
Animal ID or Nature/Ecology Books    


Transportation Supplies

Golf Cart

Truck 4x4 (Newer than 2000)




Rescue & Rehabilitation Supplies

Gram Scales New Dog/Cat toys
Inflatable raft Net Gun
Flashlight/Spot light Latex Gloves (M,L,XL)


Building/Maintanance Supplies

Electrical Wire (black, white, ground)     Generator
Concrete Mix Galvanized Screws
Arc Welder All sizes of heavy duty, nylon rope
Air powered Nail/Staple Gun Treated Lumber
Tape Measure 4 X 8 plywood
Compound Miter Saw Screen
Duct Tape Hand Pruners
Cable Spray Foam
Glue Sanding Paper
Patio Stone Gazebo
Work Gloves Welding Gloves

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