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Over the last few years more and more visitors have asked us do we have videos or live feed of the animals on our website. Until recently this wasn't possible for us. With a wonderful donation of cameras, equipment and plasma TV from the George and Velta Anast Foundation and Northern Wisconsin Security & Sound, INC. we have been able to show live viewings of some of our patients (bear cubs, eagles and fawns) at the Center. This got us to thinking that we would really like to make this experience available on the web. We are starting out small, but hope to make more videos and viewings available to the Internet audience.

Click the link below to see videos of bear cubs, eagle being tube feed, vintage NWC footage and much more. We are always adding more.

Otter Breakfast This video was taken in June of 2010 and shows our young otters eating fish, live minnows and live crayfish.

Close up with a pair of baby otters From the summer of 2010, a close up of a pair of baby otters.

Baby Porcupine grooming herself At about 5 weeks old this porcupine knows the value of being clean.

Feeding a 3 week old squirrel Baby squirrels are fed a special formula mixed from milk replacement formulas.

The early days This is an early video from somewhere between 1982 and 1984. Near the end there is a quick view of Rory Foster, our founder, looking at a loon x-ray.

A walk with Hortense Hortense our Turkey Vulture has a unique way of exploring new things.

Orphaned Bear Cubs This is what bear cubs do when no one is looking...

Baby Raccons When raccoons are very small, eyes closed still, they need to live in an incubator.

Muskrat release The best part of our job: letting a paitient go.

Ground Squirrel Release Goinng, going, gone!

Feeding a young Great Horned Owl Mmmmm.....mice......

Porqupine Release Sometimes catching an animal isn't the only dangerous part.

Porqupine eating A young female enjoys her leaves.

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Digging through our basement one day we found over a thousand slides with photos and presentations on them. We think·that they span the·80's decade. These photos capture some of the early days; much has changed since then. Unfortunately we don't know all of the stories behind these photos, thought the ones we do know we hope to add soon.·If anyone out there knows, we would love to hear the stories behind some of these images.

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