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It takes many people to keep a facility such as ours running smoothly. The NWC has five permanent staff members that are here every day all year long. We also have a team of wonderful volunteers and seasonal interns who help out in many areas. The work we do at the NWC cannot be accomplished without the dedication and hard work from everyone.


Laura Fuhrman

Executive Director


Bart Kotarba

BartDirector of Education and Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitator

Bart holds degrees in Wildlife Management and Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Education from UW-Stevens Point. He completed several internships-including one right here at NWC-where he was involved in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation. Bart has been with NWC since 1992. Under his direction, our Education Department has conducted thousands of programs to educate students and adults about wildlife and the environment.


Courtney WrightCourtney

Assistant Director of Education and Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitator

Courtney joined the Northwoods Wildlife Center team as an intern during the summer of 2012.  Following her internship, she was asked to stay on as the Assistant Director of Education. Courtney graduated in 2011 from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, with degrees in Environmental Studies and Zoology. After graduating, she spent time working with coyotes, foxes, and wolves at Wolf Park in Indiana, and at Omro Animal Hospital as an Animal Technician. She then made the migration up Minocqua, and has been at NWC ever since! Courtney now works as the Assistant Director of Education, helping in all areas of the Center including rehabilitation, education, research, and administration departments.


Amanda Walsh

Director of Rehabilitation and Advanced Wildlife RehabilitatorAmanda

Amanda joined the NWC staff in May of 2011 as a wildlife rehabilitator. She received her B.S. in biology and environmental studies from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. After her internship with NWC in 2008, Amanda has found herself trekking in national parks, mist-netting and tracking many species of bats from Arizona to Tennessee; and continuing her passion for rehabilitation and rescue of wild animals in Texas. Whatever the endeavor may be, Amanda believes that the best way to learn about science and the natural world is through hands-on experience.


Amanda Knoll

Assistant Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Basic Wildlife Rehabilitator

Amanda has worked at NWC since May of 2014. She received her bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology- Research and Management with a minor in Captive Wildlife through UW-Stevens Point in December of 2013. She had previous experience with wildlife rehabilitation and captive wildlife care through a variety of internships and jobs she had before coming to NWC. Amanda has a great passion for helping all wildlife, especially birds. She continues to chase her passion for wildlife and the natural environment through a continuous pursuit of knowledge and new experiences for her own use, as well as to share with others.

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